Our Approach

Our Approach


Fast, reliable and flexible leadership solutions.

Over 30+ years EIM has proven the effectiveness of our project management process, working in close collaboration with the client and supporting the interim manager to resolve challenges facing the business.

Rapid Response

We initially aim to identify a local interim manager with the right credentials. If necessary, we extend the search nationally and internationally. Within days, the right individual or team is in place to implement change decisively, after a rapid assessment of current business conditions.

A co-operation for excellence

The successful completion of our 10,000+ assignments is based on EIM’s unique project management methodology. This revolves around a three-way collaboration between the client, the interim manager and an EIM Director.

EIM Directors are senior executives with line management experience and practical consulting knowledge, who take overall responsibility for the transformation projects.

Working in partnership with the client, the EIM Director quickly establishes an understanding of the situation and draws up recommendations for appropriate actions to improve it. Our search for the right interim executive starts immediately after this stage.

Lasting results

The EIM Directors remain in charge of the assignments. They continually assess progress, voice an unbiased point of view and, when necessary, bring additional skills and/or knowledge into play from our global network. This collaborative approach with continuous reviews ensures that we remain flexible enough to react quickly to any change of course imposed by developing needs or new requirements. Any additional resources necessary can then be called up from our pool of executive resources. Towards the end of the assignment, the EIM Director develops, in collaboration with the client and the interim manager, a handover plan for the new permanent management team / individual to ensure a lasting continuation of the successful result achieved.


EIM (Executive Interim Management) was founded to meet the need in client organisations for experienced leaders at short notice to facilitate and accelerate change. We are an independent global partnership backed by the experience of over 10,000 assignments worldwide.

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